Is there an order minimum?

Yes, there is a $50 order minimum for local delivery. We offer free delivery if your order is over $150!


Why was I charged a deposit?

Great question! Your deposit serves as a retainer for the variation in cost for 'catch weight' items. A catch-weight item is any product that is sold and charged by the pound (i.e. ahi tuna steaks, salmon fillet, crab, lobster, etc). We always aim to deliver what our customers order, but inevitably these types of products vary in size, shape, and weight. After we pack and ship each order, we recalculate the order total, including catch weights, and issue a refund, if any.


What does "Sashimi Quality" mean?

We label products as Sashimi Quality if they can be consumed raw. None of our fresh products have been frozen before unless otherwise specified in the product description.


How will my fish be packaged?

Fresh cut fish are packed in the portion size indicated for that fish. Most fish are packed with a moisture wicking pad/paper and sealed in a plastic bag or container. We do not vacuum pack any fresh items processed at Truefish. Frozen and dry goods are packed and sold in the size/portion indicated. Our team will pack each item carefully in an insulated container and include sufficient gel ice to keep your items cold. We do not use dry ice so some items that are packed frozen may not remain completely frozen upon delivery but are safe to immediately put in your freezer at home.


Do I need to be home?

No, but it is preferred that someone be there to accept the package. Our drivers will provide contactless delivery by placing your order by the front door and ringing the doorbell before leaving. If you have an address that this would not work, please leave additional instructions on how to deliver your order effectively.


What time will my order come?

All deliveries will arrive before 6 p.m. Unfortunately, our system does not currently allow accurate delivery times or eta for your order. If you need advanced notice from the driver, please leave additional instructions for the driver to contact you before delivery. They will do their best to accommodate reasonable requests regarding delivery.


When is the cutoff for orders?

Please order before 11pm the day before desired day for pick-up or delivery. (Currently, we are only open on Monday-Friday.)


How is my order processed?

Members of our team arrive as early as 2 am to start cutting and other team members work together to carefully pack each fish and put your order together. Each Truefish member is trained to follow proper procedures and standards to keep everything clean and sanitary.


Can I make changes to my order?

We will do our best to accommodate requests, but generally we are unable to make changes given the perishable nature of our products


Do you accept returns? Can I cancel my order?

We cannot accept returns. Cancellation may be possible if written notification is given at least 2 days in advance and acknowledged by a Truefish team member.