Hi, we're Truefish.



We've been supporters of the local seafood community for generations, supplying sushi bars, restaurants, and grocery stores throughout the Bay Area with fresh, high quality seafood since 1967. 


As our collective relationship with food and place has evolved, we've learned that our neighbors still want the highest quality fish, and that our friends in the fishing community are still able to provide it. So we took our expertise and applied some technology, building a new customer experience for seafood delivery. We still take the fish right off the dock, cut it in-house, and now deliver it straight to your home. Our vertical integration ensures you are always receiving the highest quality at the lowest price. 


We are committed to responsible and ethical fishing practices, and always seek Monterey Seafood Watch Certified partners when possible.


We have an eye for quality, and a talent for filleting. It's been a part of our family history for many years, and we're thrilled to share the bounty of the sea with you. We're passionate about introducing local fishing communities to local eating communities, by bringing the freshest, finest quality seafood direct from the ocean to the kitchen.