Hamachi Kama (Amberjack Collar) - 6pcs, frozen (~3lbs)

Hamachi Kama (Amberjack Collar) - 6pcs, frozen (~3lbs)

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6 collars a pack, about 3 lbs - Catch Weight item
Suitable for 6 appetizers or 3 entrees

Hamachi collars are considered a delicacy in many cuisines, and are the fattiest and most succculent part of the fish. Popular grilled, broiled, roasted, or steamed, the collar offers a delicate flesh which is packed with delicious natural oils. These collars are from the highest quality farmed hamachi, raised and processed in Japan, and then delivered frozen to us here at Pier 45.


*Ships frozen, some thawing is natural during transit. Freeze or use upon receipt.


Traceability: Farm raised in the waters off Western Japan, shipped via air freight to SFO