Rainbow Trout - Fillet, Chalkstream (UK) - avg 1 lb

Rainbow Trout - Fillet, Chalkstream (UK) - avg 1 lb

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Skin on, avg 1 lb per fillet

True chalkstream rivers are fed exclusively by springs emerging from chalk downland. Rainfall filters through the chalk bedrock to emerge gin-clear and full of minerals and nutrients, creating an exceptionally verdant and unique habitat. The quality of the fish produced is directly related to the quality and high flow rates of the water. It is the pure chalkstream water that gives this fish a unique fresh, clean taste.

ChalkStream Rainbow Trout, also known as freshwater steelhead trout, has a ruby-red flesh, well-balanced fat content, and clean flavor. It’s suitable for both raw and cooked applications.


Origin: Sustainability-raised in Hampshire County, England