Oysters - Live, Kyushu (Vancouver) - 12 ct

Oysters - Live, Kyushu (Vancouver) - 12 ct

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Truefish now has their own exclusive oyster! Farmed in the bountiful cold waters off Vancouver , Kyushu oysters have a mild, clean taste with a hint of sweetness in a deep shell with plenty of meat. Think of them as a slightly larger cousin of the premium Kusshis that are beloved all along the West Coast.

The name itself has special meaning to us here at Truefish. We're proud to pay tribute to our heritage as a longstanding seafood company in San Francisco. The founders of our parent company, ABS Seafood, immigrated from Kyushu prefecture to start the first seafood company to export California seafood back to Japan, and we pay homage to them with these oysters.

Traceability:Ā Farm-raisedĀ in the islands off of Vancouver, Canada.