Truefish Seafood Feast

Truefish Seafood Feast

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Throw a dinner party or fill your freezer with our bestsellers! This bundle contains:

  • 2 lb Atlantic Salmon Fillet: Rich and buttery. Portioned into 1 lb fillets, skin off.

  • 2 lb Ahi Tuna Steaks: Wild-caught Ahi Tuna is firm, meaty, and rich in flavor. Excellent for sashimi applications as well as pan-seared with a gorgeous sesame crust. Portioned into 1 lb steaks. 

  • 1 lb Dayboat Scallops: Premium dry scallops that are never treated with chemicals. These scallops are sweet, tender and sear to perfection. Size 10/20.

  • 1 lb Wild Gulf Prawns: Sweet and delicious with a firm texture. Headless, tail-on, size 16/20. Previously frozen. 

  • 1 lb  Blue Crab Claw Meat: Wild-caught, hand-picked blue crab claw meat is delicious and mildly sweet in flavor. 

*In the rare case that we do not have a specific item, we will substitute it with a comparable product of equal or greater value to ensure your dinner party is a hit!