Salmon - Side, Nordic Blu (Norway) - avg 4 lb

Salmon - Side, Nordic Blu (Norway) - avg 4 lb

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$19.99 per lb, avg 4 lb per side, skin on, pin bones out


Nordic Blu Salmon is consistently graded amongst the most sustainable and carefully produced salmon in the world. It is also certified organic by EU standards*.


Location is everything — especially in salmon farming. Perhaps nowhere in the world is better suited to raising salmon than the isolated, meandering 25 mile-long fjord called Skjerstad. Nordic Blu Salmon is well suited to raw preparations, and performs well with a variety of cooking methods, including baking, roasting, steaming, pan-searing, and grilling. Fish have an average fat content of 22-23%.


Free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides throughout entire farming process.

*organic certification by US only currently exists for land-based foods.


Traceability: Sustainably farmed in the Sjkerstad fjord, Norway. ASC Certified.