Dayboat Scallops (Hokkaido, Size U12) - avg 0.5 lb

Dayboat Scallops (Hokkaido, Size U12) - avg 0.5 lb

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Our Hokkaido scallops hail from the renowned northern Hokkaido region in Japan. This area benefits from nutrient and plankton rich water, allowing the scallops to thrive. These scallops are firm in texture, rich and sweet in flavor. In 2013 the Hokkaido scallops earned the Maine Stewardship Council’s accreditation as a globally sustainable fishery. Great for the grill, pan, or sashimi.

Sea Scallop Size Guide:

  • U10 = under 10 scallops per pound
  • U12 = under 12 scallops per pound
  • 10/20 = 10 to 20 scallops per pound


Origin: Japan